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Professional Cable Repair – Keep Your Garage Door Working Smoothly

Your garage door is one of the most used entries to your home. It conveniently connects the inside of your house to the outside world – granting access for you, your vehicles, and your belongings. Given how often most homeowners use their garage door, it’s important to keep this entryway in good working order through regular inspections and maintenance.

cable repair replacement

One critical component of your garage door system are the cables. These wires and cords connect the springs and openers to the door itself. Without properly functioning cables, your garage door may not open or close properly. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about garage door cable repair from the experienced technicians at West Coast Garage Doors.

What are Garage Door Cables?

Garage door cables are the wires, ropes, or cords that connect the door’s spring and pulley system to the door panels. The cables allow force from the springs to lift the door open. They also facilitate smooth movement when closing the door.

Most residential garage doors have one of two main types of spring systems – each requiring specialized cables:

  • Torsion spring cables:

    • Located above the garage door
    • Connect the springs to the door
  • Extension spring cables:

    • Located on the sides of the garage door
    • Include additional safety cables

The garage door cables connect to cable drums and pulleys to lift up and wind the door as it opens and closes. Without taut, properly running cables the door will struggle to move smoothly. Worn, frayed or broken cables can lead to further operating problems or safety issues in some cases.

Signs Your Cables Need Professional Attention

Your garage door cables endure a lot of force each time you open and close your garage. Over months and years of use cables can start to show signs of wear and tear. Catching cable issues early allows you to repair them before more serious problems develop. Watch out for these key signs your garage door cables need service:

  • Door becomes difficult to fully open or close
  • Door sits uneven/crooked or leans heavily to one side
  • Loud snapping/popping noises when operating door
  • Visibly frayed or broken cable wires

Additionally, if your garage door ever becomes stuck partly open or closed and won’t move at all, damaged cables could be to blame.

Any of these cable problems can spell trouble for smooth operation. By replacing damaged cables before they fully break you can avoid further repairs. Keep reading to learn more about DIY repair vs professional cable replacement services.

How Much Does Garage Door Cable Repair Cost?

Like most home repairs, the cost to replace your garage door cables will depend on a few important factors. These include:

  • Type of cables needed
  • Extent of damage to cables/springs
  • DIY vs professional installation

On average expect to pay:

  • Garage door cables – $90 – $350
  • Professional installation fees- $175 to $300 per cable installed

Broken torsion spring vs extension spring cables may have slightly varied replacement costs. As you might guess from the name, extension spring systems often use longer, more complex cables spanning the height of the garage door. Their repair can be more labor and cost intensive compared to torsion spring cable replacement in some scenarios.

Be aware if one cable is showing signs of wear, the others may be close behind. Replacing all cables for your garage door at once helps prevent surprises down the line. When multiple cables need swapping expect added expenses.

Finally, the cables themselves are just one potential problem area. Issues with your door rollers, opener, or springs can put excess strain on cables contributing to their early demise. A new set of cables may temporarily fix operation issues but if these underlying problems remain your new cables will likely break again soon.

To avoid repeat repairs address any other damaged garage door components at the same time. Our technicians at West Coast Garage Doors always check your door’s full system during service visits. We’ll identify additional issues to fix now so you don’t have to call us out again down the road.

DIY Garage Door Cable Replacement

With the right tools and mechanical know-how many handy homeowners tackle garage door cable replacement as a DIY project to save on costs. If you want to try replacing cables yourself study up on key steps first.

You’ll need to gather supplies like:

  • Replacement garage door cables (matched to your door)
  • Winding bars
  • Ladder
  • Locking pliers
  • Vise grips
  • Eye protection/work gloves

When Swapping Cables Yourself Remember:

  • Safety first – use braces to prevent the door from falling as you work
  • Carefully release spring tension before attempting removal
  • Note cable routing for proper reinstallation
  • Reconnect cables in the right direction to avoid operational issues
  • Test door movement once cables are reattached

Replacing broken garage door cables involves perilous work around wound springs and heavy door panels. Without proper precautions major injuries can occur if something goes wrong. We highly recommend calling trained professionals like West Coast Garage Doors unless you’re an avid DIYer with prior mechanical experience.

Why Trust West Coast Garage Doors for Professional Cable Repair?

As one of the top local garage door companies serving homeowners for over 25 years, West Coast Garage Doors has the knowledge and experience to efficiently replace your cables and get your garage operating smoothly again.

Our fully licensed and insured technicians undergo rigorous training to safely handle any garage door repair – from cables to openers, springs, panels, and more. We carry all standard garage door parts on our truck stock to fix issues on the spot so you’re not waiting around.

Benefits of Professional Cable Replacement Include:

  • Comprehensive safety checks and precautions
  • Correct identification of your specific cables
  • Proper storage and handling of wound springs
  • Access to specialty tools for easy installation
  • Adjustments to door balance/alignment
  • Identification of additional worn parts needing replacement

By leveraging our expertise with garage door systems you avoid injuries and prevent repeat repairs down the line. We also back all of our cable replacement work with warranty coverage for peace of mind.

To find a qualified garage door technician for cable repair near you:

  • Check credentials – licenses, insurance coverage, years in business
  • Verify positive customer reviews and ratings

Our 25 years of five-star customer reviews consistently rank West Coast Garage Doors as a leading expert at garage door cable replacement. We offer fast response times for after hours emergency repair calls along with standard weekday availability.

Proactive Maintenance Prevents a World of Issues

Your garage door cables are just one small component of your overall system. But as outlined they play an integral role helping the door safely operate thousands of open and close cycles over years of use.

Preempt cable wear by proactively caring for your entire garage door assembly. Technicians recommend homeowners:

  • Lubricate moving parts like pulleys and springs
  • Tighten any loose hardware on cables or door fixtures
  • Check for visible cracks/damage to cables, rollers, panels
  • Replace visibly worn parts before they fully fail

You can DIY these basic tasks 1-2 times per year. For optimal safety and performance, combine preventative maintenance with professional garage door tune-ups every 12-18 months by a company like West Coast Garage Doors.

Our 25 Point Safety Inspection includes:

  • Checking all cables, rollers, hinges for wear
  • Testing door balance and alignment
  • Adjusting springs, opener, sensors
  • Lubricating all moving components
  • Identifying parts needing replacement now to prevent future problems

Routine maintenance helps optimize smoother operation and extend the lifespan of your whole system. Catching minor garage door issues quickly can help prevent expensive repairs later plus give you peace of mind your family’s safety.

Your garage door sees a ton of use making cables susceptible to eventual wear and tear. But understanding cables’ purpose alongside signs they need replacing helps you stay proactive. Regular maintenance also keeps your door working smoothly for lasting service life.

For expert garage door cable replacement or repairs call the professionals at West Coast Garage Doors at (239) 478-2665. Our experienced, licensed technicians service all makes and models of garage doors to keep your home secure.

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